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ya girl frankcastles is getting rid of some excess marvel merch by way of some awesome giveaways this month and next month. i need to clear up some space, and i want to hand these things over to someone who will love them! i’m affectionately referring to this giveaway as the big ass back to school giveaway. i’ve got the hook up, and i’m giving you a rad ass new closet of shirts to impress your new classmates and some school supplies! (sidenote, u dont have to be going back to school to want this stuff lol) this contest ends on sept 30th

here’s the low down on the goods
- one avengers mini tote bag
- one avengers folder
- one avengers notebook
- one avengers mini notebook
- one avengers metal lunch box
- one black and red amazing spider-man tshirt size M
- one maroon spider-man logo and cutout tshirt size M
- one black deadpool portal and cake tshirt size M
- one blue adult captain america costume tshirt size L
- one blue captain america cover tshrit size CHILDREN’S XL (this is a small shirt)
- one blue captain america logo and cutout tshirt size CHILDREN’S XL (this is a small shirt)
- one grey avengers tshirt size M
- one grey iron man 3 tshirt size M
- one grey avengers tshirt (different from the other) size M
- one red adult iron man armor tshirt marked “one size fits all” (i’d call it size L)
- one grey laufeyson tricksters tshirt size M

all of these clothes have either never been worn or have only been worn once with the exception of the laufeyson trickster’s shirt, which has seen some use (though it’s still in good condition). they have all been freshly washed, but they are coming from a household with two cats so just a fair warning to anyone with allergies.

here’s what u have to do to enter the giveaway
- reblog the post! and please leave all the text attached
- please have an open askbox, or open it on/around sept 30th so i can contact you
- please be willing to give me an address that i’ll be able to ship the goods to
- please live within the contental united states! (i’m giving away other stuff which will be open to others overseas, but since this will be a larger/heavier box i’d like to it within the us)

MOST IMPORTANTLY: DO NOT FOLLOW ME UNLESS YOU WANT TO. please don’t feel obligated to follow me in any way. all posts regarding giveaways and winners will be under the FRANKCASTLES GIVES SOME SHIT tag, so maybe track that instead if you want to stay up to date!

the winner of this giveaway, and the winners of my two other giveaways will be announced on SEPT 30TH

if this back to school giveaway isn’t your style, maybe check out my GET STARTED IN MARVEL giveaway or my SPIDER-WOMAN giveaway.

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